Adagio Application Form


12485 SW 137TH AVE SUITE 309, MIAMI, FLORIDA 33186
TELEPHONE: 305-251-2234 FAX: 305-252-6165



Please complete and sign all required forms. When application package is submitted, it must contain all of the following:

  1. Completed application forms and affidavits.
  2. $100.00 per applicant or married couple (18 years and older.) This is a non-refundable screening fee payable to Lynx Property Services. ONLY money orders or cashier’s checks are acceptable; personal checks and cash will not be accepted.
  3. A copy of the lease/purchase agreement (no less than one year for leases).
  4. Copies of picture ID for each resident in the unit.
  5. Three letters of recommendation from non-family members.

By submission of the above mentioned documents, the Applicant acknowledges that the Management company will be doing a credit and criminal background check for all adults (18 years and older).

Applications CANNOT be submitted to the Board of Directors less than thirty (30) days before the moving date.

Important Notes:

  • A Co-Signer is considered an applicant and a background check must also be conducted, additional fee will be included.
  • If you do not have a social security number please contact management at
  • Foreign applicants must provide a scanned copy of their passport.
  • Please download the Adagio Affidavit pdf, fill out the necessary fields, print, scan and upload a copy in the attachment requirements section found in the last part of the application form.
  • Foreign applicants should have social security number to proceed.



Upon receipt of the completed online form, your application will be processed.
Please allow at least 30 days for the processing of application.

Dear Homeowner and Tenant:

Welcome to Adagio at the Hammocks. You have selected a truly delightful Kendall Community for your residence, and we hope that the enclosed material will help you become more familiar with your community, its Rules and Regulations, its Administration and your neighbors.

Designed as a planned homeowners association, Adagio at the Hammocks has certain restrictions and covenants along with reasonable Rules and Regulations that were enacted for the purpose of maintaining the best interests of the community. They help maintain the beauty and tranquility of the area and preserve your property values. These restrictions, covenants, and Rules and Regulations grant certain rights to you and impose upon you certain responsibilities. There are restrictions on architectural modifications, maintenance vehicles, and conduct of residents and guests, and other sensible regulations intended to help us live together in harmony. Most of the rules and restrictions are included in the governing documents, including the Declaration of Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and the ByLaws of Adagio Homeowners Association, Inc. However, some basic Rules and Regulations, as well as other matters of interest, are covered in the following materials. Homeowners are urged to read the governing documents of the Association. Although they are quite lengthy, confusion and misunderstanding of Association policies can be avoided by reviewing these important documents

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, your continuing interest and cooperation are needed to maintain our community in good condition and preserve a desirable environment for living. The elected Board of Directors of your Association works diligently to fulfill its governing responsibilities under the Association documents, and under the Board’s direction, the management company implements and administers the Board’s policy decisions on a daily basis.

After reading the enclosed material, and after reviewing your Association documents, please do not hesitate to raise any questions you may have concerning any item therein or in regard to any other matter not covered.

Please come to the next Board meeting after you receive this material so that we may have the opportunity to meet you and answer any of your questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Board of Directors
Adagio at the Hammocks Homeowners Association, Inc.


All garage doors shall remain closed when not in use.

No UNIT shall be permanently occupied by more than two (2) persons for each bedroom in the UNIT. In addition, temporary guests are permitted so long as they do not create an unreasonable source of noise or annoyance to the other residents of the COMMUNITY.

The initial landscaping of any UNIT, and any material modification, additions, or substitutions thereof must be approved by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The OWNER of each LOT containing a UNIT shall be required to maintain the landscaping on his LOT. All such landscaping shall be maintained by OWNER in first class condition and appearance and as reasonably required; mowing, watering, trimming, fertilizing, and weed, insect and disease control shall be performed by the OWNER. All landscaped area shall be primarily grass, and shall not be paved or covered with gravel or any artificial surface without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. All dead or diseased sod, plants, shrubs, trees, or flowers shall be promptly removed and replaced, and excessive weeds, underbrush or unsightly growth shall be promptly removed. No artificial grass, plants, or other artificial vegetation shall be placed or maintained upon the exterior of any LOT. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no OWNER shall install or maintain any landscaping on any portion of his LOT to be maintained by the ASSOCIATION, without
the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

No trade, business, or commercial activity, or any other non-residential activity shall be conducted upon any portion of the PROPERTY or within any LOT or UNIT, without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The foregoing shall not prohibit any OWNER from leasing his/her UNIT. (Example: Garage sales, etc.)

All leases of a UNIT must be in writing and copies of all leases shall be delivered to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS prior to occupancy by the tenant(s). No lease shall be for a period of less than 1 year and no UNIT may be leased more than two times in any consecutive 12-month period, without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Only central air condition units are permitted, and no window, wall, or portable air condition units are permitted.

No portable, storage, temporary or accessory building or structures, or tents, shall be erected, constructed or located upon any LOT for storage or otherwise.

Only automobiles, vans, pick-up trucks with a carrying capacity of 1/2 ton or less, and other vehicles manufactured and used as private passenger vehicles, may be parked within the COMMUNITY overnight without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS unless kept within an enclosed garage.

Without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, no vehicles containing commercial lettering, signs or equipment, and no truck, recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, or vehicle other than a private passenger vehicle as specified above, and no boat, may be parked on any streets, lawns, or areas other than driveways and garages, without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Notwithstanding the foregoing, automobile owned by the governmental law enforcement agencies are expressly permitted The OWNER and resident of any UNIT may not keep more than two vehicles within the COMMUNITY on a permanent basis without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. All vehicles parked within the community must be in good condition and repair, and no vehicle which does not contain a current license plate or which cannot operate on its own power shall be parked within the COMMUNITY outside of an enclosed garage for more than 24 hours, and no major repair of any vehicles shall be made on the PROPERTY. Motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, and the like are
not permitted to be operated within the COMMUNITY or parked overnight outside of an enclosed garage, except with the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS which may be withdrawn at any time, and any permitted motorized vehicle must be licensed for street use and equipped with appropriate noise muffling equipment so that the operation of same does not create an unreasonable annoyance for the residents of the COMMUNITY.

Each OWNER shall maintain his/her UNIT and all improvements and personal property upon LOT in first class condition at all times, except any portions thereof to be maintained by the ASSOCIATION as provided in this DECLARATION. The exterior of all UNITS, including but not limited to roofs, walls, doors, windows, patio areas, pools, screenings, and awnings shall be maintained in first class condition and repair and in a neat and attractive manner. All exterior painted areas shall be painted as reasonably necessary, with colors that are harmonious with other UNITS and no excessive rust deposits on the exterior of any UNIT, peeling of paint or discoloration of same shall be permitted No OWNER shall change the exterior color of his UNIT without the written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. All sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas within the OWNER’S LOT or serving the OWNER’S UNIT shall be cleaned and kept free of debris and cracks, damaged and/or eroding areas on same shall be repaired, replaced and/or resurfaced as necessary.

Each OWNER shall regularly pick up all garbage, trash, refuse or rubbish on the OWNER’S LOT. Garbage, trash, refuse or rubbish that is required to be placed and kept at the front of the LOT in order to be collected may be placed and kept at the front of the LOT after 5:00 p.m. on the day before the scheduled day of collection, and any trash facilities must be removed on the collection day. All garbage, trash, refuse or rubbish must be placed in appropriate trash facilities or bags. All containers, dumpsters or garbage facilities shall be stored inside a UNIT or fenced in area and screened from view and kept in a clean and sanitary condition. No noxious or offensive odors shall be permitted.

No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be permitted within the COMMUNITY except for common household domestic pets. No more than two (2) cats or two (2) dogs, or a cat and a dog is permitted in any UNIT, except with the written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS which may be granted or withheld in the BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ discretion. No pit bull terriers are permitted without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Any pet must be carried or kept on a leash when outside of a UNIT or fenced-in area. No pet shall be kept outside a UNIT or in any screened porch or patio unless someone is present in the UNIT. No pet shall be permitted to go or stray on any other LOT without the permission of the OWNER OF THE LOT. Any pet must not be an unreasonable nuisance or annoyance to other residents in the COMMUNITY. Any resident shall immediately pickup and remove any solid animal waste deposited by his pet on the PROPERTY. No commercial breeding of pets is permitted within the COMMUNITY. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS may require any pet to be immediately and permanently removed from the PROPERTY due to a violation of this paragraph.

The personal property of any resident must be kept inside the resident’s UNIT or a fenced or walled-in yard, except for patio furniture and accessories, and other personal property commonly kept outside, which must be kept in the rear of the LOT and must be neat in appearance and in good condition.

No clothesline or clothes-poles shall be erected, and no outside clothes-drying is permitted except where such activity is advised or mandated by government authorities for energy conservation purposes, in which event the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall have the right to approve the portions of any LOT used for outdoor clothes drying purposes and the types of devises to be employed in this regard, which approval must be in writing.

No nuisances shall be permitted within the COMMUNITY, and no use or practice which is an unreasonable source of annoyance to the residents within the COMMUNITY or which shall interfere with the peaceful possession and proper use of the COMMUNITY by its residents shall be permitted. No unreasonably offensive or unlawful action shall be permitted, and all laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all controlling governmental authorities shall be complied with at all times by the OWNERS.

No outside signal receiving or sending antennas, dishes or devices are permitted without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The foregoing shall not prohibit any antenna or signal-receiving dish owned by the ASSOCIATION, which serves the entire COMMUNITY. No flagpoles are permitted without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

The lakes and canals are intended for drainage purposes only. Therefore, no swimming, fishing or motorized boating is allowed in any lake or canal within or contiguous to the COMMUNITY. No OWNER shall deposit or dump any garbage or refuse in any lake or canal within or contiguous to the COMMUNITY. No owner shall install any improvement upon a LOT within 20 feet of any lake or canal without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, including but not limited to landscaping ,(other than grass) fences, walls, or any other improvements.

No LOTS shall be further subdivided without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS if same would result in the creation of more LOTS than before such re-subdivision.

All garbage and ‘refuse containers, bottled gas tanks, all permanently affixed swimming pool equipment and housing shall be underground or placed in walled-in or landscaped areas as approved by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS so that they shall be substantially concealed or hidden from any eye-level view from any street or adjacent property.

No signs (except “FOR SALE” signs not larger than 2.5 square feet in size) shall be placed upon any LOT, and no sign shall be placed in or upon any UNIT which is visible from the exterior of the UNIT, without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. A portable and tasteful “Open House” advertising sign is permitted upon a LOT for a period not exceeding eight hours in any day, and 24 hours in any consecutive 7 day period, which cannot be larger than 2.5 square feet in size, during such periods when the OWNER or a real estate broker or sales person is holding a bona fide “open house” to lease or sell the UNIT on the LOT. In the event any sign is installed on any LOT or on the exterior of any UNIT which violates this paragraph, the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall have the right to remove such sign without notice to the OWNER, and the removal shall not be deemed a trespass and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall not be liable to the OWNER for the removal or for any damage or loss to the sign.

Window treatments shall consist of drapery, blinds, decorative panels, or other tasteful window covering, and no newspaper, aluminum foil, sheets or other temporary window treatments are permitted, except for periods not exceeding one (1) week after OWNER or tenant first moved into a UNIT or when permanent window treatments are being cleaned or repaired.

No boat may be kept or stored inside of any UNIT, without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

The BOARD shall have the right to make reasonable rules and regulations regarding the recreational facilities, if any, as the BOARD deems desirable from time to time.

No swimming pools, spas, or the like, shall be installed without the prior written consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Fences and walls must be maintained in good condition at all times. No fences or walls shall be installed without the consent of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS as to the location and type of the fence or wall, which fence or wall must be of either cypress or cedar. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS, in approving any fence or wall as elsewhere provided, shall have the right to require all fences and walls throughout the COMMUNITY to be of a specified standard type of constructions and material, and shall have the right to prohibit any other types of fences and/or walls, and shall further have the right to change such standard as to any new fences or walls from time to time, as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS deems appropriate.

Owner To Obtain Approval: For purposes of this paragraph, the term ‘IMPROVEMENT’ shall mean any building, fence, wall, patio area, pool spa, landscaping, driveway, walkway or any other alteration, improvement, or change of any kind or nature which is constructed, made, installed, placed, or removed from any LOT, or the exterior of any UNIT or any other improvement upon any LOT, except for maintenance of repair which does not result in any material change to any improvement including the color of same. No OWNER shall make any IMPROVEMENT, and NO OWNER shall apply for any governmental approval or building or other permits of any IMPROVEMENT, unless the OWNER first obtains the written approval of the IMPROVEMENT from the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

(a) Board of Directors Consent: Any request by an OWNER for approval by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS to any IMPROVEMENT shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by plans and specifications or other details. The plans and specifications submitted for approval should show the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of all proposed IMPROVEMENTS. If the BOARD OF DIRECTORS deems the plans and specifications as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS deems necessary in connection with its approval of same, including without limitation, floor plans, site plans, drainage plans, election drawing, and descriptions of samples of exterior materials and colors, and until receipt of the foregoing, the BOARD OF DIRECTORS may postpone review of any plans submitted for approval. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall have the right to charge a reasonable fee in connection with the approval of any request, to pay for the cost of any architect or engineer hired by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS to review any plans or specifications. Approval of any request shall not be withheld in a discriminatory manner or in a manner that unreasonably prohibits the reasonable improvement of any LOT or UNIT, but may be withheld.


(b) Inspections: Upon completion of any IMPROVEMENT, the OWNER shall give written notice of the completion of it to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Within 60 days thereafter, the BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall inspect the improvement, and if the BOARD OF DIRECTORS finds that the IMPROVEMENT was not completed in conformance with the approved plans and specifications, it shall notify the OWNER in writing of such non-compliance within said 60 day period, specifying the particulars of such non-compliance, and within 30 day thereafter the OWNER shall correct the deficiencies set forth in the notice, and upon completion of the work required to correct the deficiencies, the OWNER shall again give the BOARD OF DIRECTORS notice of the completion of the work, and the provisions of this paragraph shall again become operative. If for any reason the BOARD OF DIRECTORS fails to notify the OWNER of any deficiencies within 90 days after receipt of a notice of completion from the OWNER, the improvement shall be deemed to have been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.


(c) No Liability: The approving party shall not be liable to any OWNER in connection with the exercise or non-exercise of architectural control hereunder, or the approval or disapproval of any IMPROVEMENT. Any approval of any plans or specifications by the APPROVING PARTY shall not be deemed to be a determination that such plans or specifications are complete or do not contain defects, in fact meet any standards, guidelines and! or criteria of the APPROVING PARTY. If the APPROVING PARTY approves any IMPROVEMENT, same shall not require the APPROVING PARTY or any subsequent APPROVING PARTY to approve any similar IMPROVEMENT in the future, and the APPROVING PARTY shall have the right to withhold approval of similar IMPROVEMENTS requested by any other OWNER.


(d) Remedy for Violations: If any IMPROVEMENT is made without first obtaining the approval of the APPROVING PARTY, or is not made in strict conformance with any approval granted by the APPROVING PARTY, the APPROVING PARTY shall specifically have the right to injunctive relief to require the OWNER to stop, remove and/or alter any IMPROVEMENT in the manner which complies with the requirements of the APPROVING PARTY, or the APPROVING PARTY may pursue any other remedy available to it.


(e) Compliance with Governmental Requirements: In addition to the foregoing requirements, any IMPROVEMENT made by an OWNER must be in compliance with the requirements of all controlling governmental authorities, and the OWNER shall be required to obtain an appropriate building permit from the applicable governmental authority. Any consent or approvals by the APPROVING PARTY are conditioned upon the OWNER obtaining a building permit for it. The OWNER shall not proceed with any IMPROVEMENT until such a building permit is received.

Adagio Basics

(A quick summary of our Rules & Regulations)

  • Please attend our meetings which are held once a month. Check the Bulletin Boards by the mailboxes for exact dates and times.
  • Don’t speed in the community. Our children are playing and could be injured.
  • Monitor your children outside.
  • Don’t start any construction project without prior approval from the Adagio and Hammocks Master Associations.
  • Do maintain landscaping on your property.
  • Do walk your pets, but only on a leash.
  • Don’t park on grass. It not only ruins the grass, but destroys the sprinkler systems. It’s expensive to maintain and costly to repair.
  • Do ask guests to park in designated parking areas. All cars not parked in designated parking areas will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Do arrange to park your recreational vehicles in an approved facility outside of Adagio. No commercial or recreational vehicles are allowed to park overnight on our property.
  • Don’t rent or lease your home without prior approval from the Board. Once approved, the rental approval must be renewed annually. Remember, you are still the owner of record and
    are responsible for your tenant’s actions.
  • Don’t put out garbage before 5:00 p.m. the night prior to pick up.
  • Do put away garbage bins on the day the garbage is picked up. Do not throw anything onto common areas. If the Association removes homeowner trash, the unit owner will be billed
    back the cost plus an administrative surcharge.
  • Don’t leave big articles in your front yard, e.g. bicycles.
  • Don’t conduct business from your home. This community is zoned for residential use only.
  • Do report any illegal activity or suspicious activity to the property manager or the Hammocks Public Safety. All calls are confidential. It’s up to each of us to ensure we know our neighbors
    and live in a safe environment.
  • Do pay your monthly assessment in a timely manner & volunteer in committees to help our community.


Adagio at the Hammocks has Rules and Regulations regarding parking vehicles. The following is a summary of these rules which will be enforced by the Board Members.

1.- A new contract was signed with Whitts Tow Away Inc. This company will be towing vehicles which do not follow the parking Rules and Regulations in the community.

2.- Only automobiles, vans, pickup trucks ½ ton or less may be parked within the COMMUNITY overnight unless kept within an enclosed garage.

3.- No Commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, campers’ trailers, or vehicles other than a private passenger vehicle may be parked in the community, if they are identified should be towed away. Commercial vehicles are permitted from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm only when a contractor is doing maintenance work for the community or homeowners.

4.- No vehicle of any kind is permitted to park on any street, lawns, or areas other than driveways or garages. Only vehicles owned by governmental law enforcement agencies are expressly permitted.

5.- Owners and resident of any unit may not keep more than two vehicles, they should be parked on the driveway of any unit. If for any chance a unit does not have access for two vehicles, the homeowner should request the Board of Adagio and the Hammocks Association to extend the driveway by their own expense. A third vehicle is also permitted if it is kept inside the closed garage.

6.-All vehicles parked within the COMMUNITY must be in good operating conditions, vehicle which does not operate on its own power and is parked out of the enclosed garage for more than 24 hours should be towed away.

7.- All vehicles parked in the community should have a current license plate, no major repair to vehicles is permitted. Vehicles violating this rule will be towed away.

8.- No motorcycle, motorbikes, mopeds, all terrain vehicles and like are not permitted to be operated within the community, if one of these vehicles exist they should be kept inside the closed garage.

9.- If homeowner or resident have three vehicles and has no facility to keep a third vehicle inside the closed garage, then the homeowner or resident may use a guest parking for parking the third vehicle overnight. Beside the homeowner or resident should ask for this permit to The Board of Adagio, and should never leave the vehicle parked on the same parking space for more than 24 hours.

10.- If Homeowner or resident has a guest in the unit, and the guest need to leave the vehicle parked in the guest parking spaces then daily email must be sent to DPE on or before 12 Midnight. The email address for DPE is: Information given: Date; Vehicle, Make, Model, Tag; Resident, Current Phone, E-mail address and visitor information.