Galloway Application Form


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Please submit all of the following required information:

  1. Completed application.
  2. $100.00 per applicant or married couple, non-refundable screening fee payable to Lynx Property Services, LLC. (PERSONAL CHECKS AND CASH ARE NOT ACCEPTED, ONLY MONEY ORDERS OR CASHIER CHECK ACCEPTED).
  3. Acknowledgement of receipt of the Rules and Regulations.
  4. A copy of the purchase agreement or lease agreement.
  5. Copy of picture identification for all applicants over the age of 18.


Upon receipt of the completed paper work (please no faxes, originals only), your application will be processed. Please allow at least 30 business days for the processing of this application.

Note: Complete all questions and fill in all blanks. If any question is not answered or left
blank, this application may be returned, not processed and not approved. Print legibly or
type all information.

Important Notes:

  • A Co-Signer is considered an applicant and a background check must also be conducted, additional fee will be included.
  • If you do not have a social security number please contact management at
  • Foreign applicants must provide a scanned copy of their passport.
  • Please download the Galloway Affidavit pdf, fill out the necessary fields, print, scan and upload a copy in the attachment requirements section found in the last part of the application form.


All residents (owners and all other residents; i.e., tenants, tenant’s guests and relatives), shall be governed by the obligations and duties set forth in the Galloway Sunset Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Articles of
Incorporation, the By-Laws, the Declaration of Covenants, and any amendments thereto, there and after sometimes
collectively referred to as the “Documents” and these following Rules and Regulations:


1.1 Any and all alterations to the exterior of any unit or upon any lot must comply with Dade County Building and Zoning regulations, required permits, and have “prior” written approval from the Association. All assessments must be paid in full before the Board of Directors will consider any architectural approvals. It is very important to understand that you cannot alter the exterior of your home in any way (including painting and installation of landscaping) without prior written approval from the Galloway Sunset Estates Homeowners Association. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Request for approval of home improvement must be received by Management Company no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.

1.2 It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to submit plans with dimensions detailing in full, what changes to the exterior, the owner would like to make. No building, wall, or other structure or improvement of any nature shall be erected, placed, and/or altered on any lot until Miami Dade County and the Board of Directors have approved plans. The Board shall have the right to refuse plans on any grounds. Any change in finished ground elevation shall also be deemed as an alteration requiring approval. All maintenance fees and assessments must be paid in full before the Board of Directors will consider any architectural approvals. If any damages to common areas are caused by construction, the cost of repairs will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Example: A drawing, showing the placement of a screened enclosure, including the style, color of the screen and frame; and size. Incurred cost by the Association for a request or modification requiring the services of an engineer or architect to determine the structural or design integrity of the plans, will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

1.3 Upon issuance of approval by the Board of Directors, the homeowner must provide the Board of Directors with a copy of the approved permit from Dade County Building and Zoning, prior to the start of any construction. It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain an Architectural Modification Form (“ARF”) from the Management Company. An ARF submitted after construction has started will be subject to a PENALTY of $250.00.

1.4 Natural, earth-tone colors are encouraged. Color changes to any of the exterior of the property (walls, awnings, etc) must receive a prior approval from the Association.

1.5 Aluminum roof of any type will NOT be permitted. Sheds need the approval of the Board of Directors. Approval letter from adjacent neighbors must be submitted with architectural application. Shed must be no taller than six feet and placed in an area not seen from the front of the property.

1.6 All children’s or adult’s toys (bicycles, skateboards, ramps, etc.) will be kept out of sight at all times, when not in use. Basketball hoops may not become permanent fixtures. Only portable types will be permitted. Portable basketball hoops are to be kept away from the street and must be removed in case of a hurricane threat.

1.7 All house numbers must conform to the original configuration. Architectural approval is required for any changes.

1.8 Outside lights are allowed, BUT must be hung only, under the corner soffit (eaves) of the wood trim. Quartz and spot (white bulbs) lights are allowed. No mercury vapor lights. No lights may be attached to stucco of the building or located in a manner that directs light into other properties.

1.9 Homes with front pole lamps must be kept in working conditions, and illuminated.

1.10 Rain Gutters and Downspouts are permitted and must be 6” aluminum seamless gutter, match the color of the house trim and wall, and be installed in an approved location. (Approval prior to installation.)

1.11 No iron bars on windows or doors allowed.

1.12 Aluminum accordion style storm shutters, storm panels and roll downs for window and sliding glass door protection are allowed. Storm shutters and panels must meet Dade County Building and Zoning requirements. No Bahama shutters. Shutters may be closed only during a hurricane emergency. The panels must be placed out of sight within 10 days after the storm passes. All accordions must be white and remain open at all times and may only be closed during a hurricane emergency. (Approval prior to installation.)

1.13 NO WOOD DECKS, AND/OR WOOD FENCE OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED. No fences, wall or other structure shall be erected in the front yard.


1.15 Holiday decorations and lights must be removed within 15 days of the passing of that holiday.

1.16 No carports allowed.


1.18 Any damage caused by delivery trucks and/or visitors vehicles and residents, shall be the responsibility of the homeowner of the unit being visited by that vehicle.

1.19 “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs are permitted. Only one (1) sign (no riders) per unit shall be displayed. The sign shall be no larger than forty (40) square inches (8” X 5”) on a five (5) foot stake and must be placed a maximum of five (5) feet back from the street. Signs must be removed immediately upon the sale or rental of the unit.

1.20 Fruit bearing trees/plants are not permitted. Other trees NOT allowed: Fichus, Maleleuca, Areca Palms, Queen Palm, and Black Olive. Approval is needed for all landscaping changes. Repair costs for damage to any common areas caused by residents of the unit will be charged to the homeowner.

1.21 Statues, flag poles and water falls on the front of the property ARE NOT PERMITTED. Water fountains must be approved by the Board of Directors.

1.22 American flags are the only flags allowed to be displayed.


2.1 No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind may be raised, bred, or permitted on any property with the exception of dogs, cats, or other usual and common household pets but no more than a total of two (2) household pets will be allowed. No pets shall be kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes. For purpose hereof “household pets”| shall mean dogs, cats, domestic birds, and fish. Pets shall also be subject to applicable Rules & Regulations.

2.2 Pet owners must have control of their pets at all times. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended so as to cause disturbance (barking, etc.) to the community. Pet owners are financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet.

2.3 Pets must be on a leash and accompanied by their owners at all times.

2.4 All pets must be correctly licensed with Dade County and have received inoculations. They must have their proper identification tags at all times. Animals that are considered unlawful in Dade County are not permitted (i.e. pit bulls).

2.5 Pet owners must carry a “scooper” or other alternative means to dispose of waste when walking their pets.


3.1 – Vehicles shall be parked only in the garages or in the driveways associated with their house.

3.2 – NO trucks or commercial vehicles, or campers, mobile homes, motor homes, house trailers or trailers of every other description, recreational vehicles, horse trailers or vans, shall be permitted to be parked or to be stored at any place on the properties. This prohibition of parking shall not apply to temporary parking of trucks and commercial vehicles, such as pickup and delivery and other commercial services,
nor to vans or pickup trucks for personal use which are in acceptable condition in the sole opinion of the Committee (which favorable opinion may be changed at any time). Boats stored on trailers not more than twenty-five (25) feet in length may be stored on the side or back portion of the owners lot provided such boat or other water craft is adequately obstructed from a front street view by approved fencing, shrubbery or such other natural barrier. Landscaping must be maintained while moving boats in or out of the property with special attention to tire marks on front sod. Boats are NOT permitted to park on the street.

3.3 – NO vehicles larger than ¾ ton are allowed to be parked (stored) in the community.

3.4 – Any disabled vehicle with an expired tag must be parked entirely within the garage.

3.5 – Vehicles with any type of automotive fluid leaks are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense. The homeowner is responsible to keep driveway clean at all times from mildew or stains of any kind

3.6 – When a party or special event is planned, the homeowner must provide a list or an anticipated count of expected guests, to the security personnel. All guests shall be required to park on the right side of the street not blocking the free access of other property units. Failure to comply could result in forced
towing at owner’s expense.

3.7 – No auto/truck mechanical work is permitted in the community or on driveways at any time for any purpose.


4.1 – Residents must use their Properties and all common areas in such a manner as not to disturb or becomea nuisance to other residents.

4.2 No Properties shall be used, in whole or in part, for the storage of any property or item that will cause such Unit to appear to be unclean or in an untidy condition or that will be displeasing to the eye; nor shall any substance, thing, or material be kept upon any Unit that will emit foul or obnoxious odors or
that will or might disturb the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of the residents of surrounding property.

4.3 – Go-carts and mopeds are not permitted.

4.4 – Speed limit of 15 mph is to be strictly observed.


5.1 – All garbage and trash will be placed in plastic garbage cans with lids (maximum 36 gal, minimum 20 gal). All county waste regulations are to be followed. No plastic bags are allowed.

5.2 – Garbage shall be placed out for collection either the morning of or the night before, the scheduled Tuesday or Friday of pickup. All empty containers (trash receptacles and recycling bins) are to be
removed from the front of the property by 8:00 P.M the evening of pick-up. Failure to do so will result in trashcans being removed by the Association from the street curb or driveway at owner’s expense.

5.3 – All other trash shall be taken promptly to the county facility and may not remain on any lot. Failure to comply will result in the unit owner being billed for the removal of the trash.


6.1 – Unreasonably loud, excessive, unnecessary, or unusual noises are prohibited. Types of prohibited noises include, but are not limited to:

a. As per Miami Dade County ordinance, radios, televisions, phonographs, musical instruments, stereos, etc. between the hours of 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM are a violation if the noise is plainly
audible at a distance of 100 ft.

b. As per Miami Dade County ordinance, dogs, birds, and other animals, if the noise is frequent, habitual, long, or continual; the noise must be plainly audible at a distance of 100 ft.

c. Power tools and landscaping equipment that are used outdoors between the hours of 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM. This restriction will apply Monday through Saturday. No power tools for outdoor landscaping maintenance will be permitted on Sundays and/or holidays.

d. No outdoors construction work is permitted on Sundays and/or holidays.

e. Vendors will not be allowed into the community on Sundays.


7.1 – Leases must be for a term of at least twelve (12) months and must be in writing. Prior to taking effect the following items must be submitted to the Management Company:

a. A copy of driver’s license for every person in the unit over 18 years of age.

b. A copy of the Lease Agreement.

c. A certificate of good conduct from Miami Dade County Police Department for every person living in the property.

AGE payable to Lynx Property Services.

Failure to provide any of the above items will result in a PENALTY FEE of $125.00. A prior written approval by the Board of Directors is required for the lease to take effect.

7.2 – Homes are zoned as single-family residences and leases must comply with zoning regulations.

7.3 – The unit owner assumes financial responsibility for the tenant’s damage to any of the common areas and monthly maintenance fee.

7.4 – The homeowner (lessor) must provide the tenants (lessees) with a copy of the “DOCUMENTS”.

7.5 – New purchase applications must be submitted to the management company for approval by the Board of Directors before closing


8.1 – Audible alarms will not be permitted to ring longer than thirty (30) minutes. Alarms should be installed, so that they have the capacity of resetting themselves if faulty.

8.2 – Car alarms shall not be set so sensitive that a small animal jumping on it will set it off. Alarm malfunctions shall be corrected immediately.



10. FINES: The following actions will be taken by the Homeowners Association for:

10.1 Violation of Architectural Rules/Rules & Regulations:

a. A violation noted by the Association will generate a courtesy letter giving the homeowner fourteen (14) days for the violation to be corrected.

b. If the violation remains after the 14 days, a second letter will be sent to the homeowner, advising that an additional 14 days will be given for final correction. Failure to comply will result in a recommendation to the Violations Committee for a fine to be assessed. Homeowner could defend such action by requesting a personal meeting with the Committee.

c. A minimum fine of two hundred ($200) dollars bi-weekly may be assessed concurrently by the Association. All fines are payable to the Homeowners Association.

d. All fines will be placed in the Homeowners Association fund.

e. A non-refundable administrative fee of $15.00 will be applied to all fines.


11.1 All regular assessments are due and payable on the first (1) day of the month for which the assessment is payable.

11.2 A grace period of ten (10) days to mail and have delivered the assessments is extended to each unit owner of record. Assessments that are not received by the Management Company by the tenth (10) day
of the month are then past due and subject to a late penalty of $25.00 charged to the account accordingly.

11.3 Any assessment which becomes ninety (90) days past due is subject to legal action at the expense of the delinquent owner, or in the form of the Association filing a lien against the residence of the owner.

11.4 Any assessment, which is one hundred and twenty (120) days past due and liened for thirty (30) days or more, is then subject to foreclosure of the lien by the Association.