MIAMI – March 17, 2015 – Lynx Construction Management, an affiliate of The Lynx Companies,  has been engaged by Miami Beach’s historic Park Central Hotel to execute the property’s historic preservation, renovation and expansion work across over 100 guest rooms and high-traffic areas, beginning in 2015. The expanded art deco hotel property will ultimately reflect the first of its kind on Miami Beach: a 4 hotel property consisting of 4 structures – honoring the city’s past and identity in the art deco movement – with updated details that prepare each of the hotel’s structures for the city’s evolving future.

Originally designed by Miami Beach architect and art deco visionary Henry Hohause, The Park Central Hotel is a historic property built in 1937 in the Miami Beach Architectural District. The scope of Lynx’s work will include the hotel’s historic preservation, expansion and renovation across over 100 guest room units, and other high-traffic areas and guest amenities. The project will consist of the remodel of three iconic art deco hotels – Park Central, Heathcote and Imperial – as well as new construction of a fourth structure. The four properties will form part of a single hotel.

For the Park Central Hotel Suites at 620 Ocean Drive, Lynx will expand the property by constructing 12 new rooms across 4 floors, a new roof pool deck and restaurant to enhance hotel visitors’ experience.

For the Park Central Guest Rooms at 640 Ocean Drive, Lynx will conduct renovations, replacing existing plumbing fixtures, finishing floors and repainting existing walls and doors, for an update that honors the original, historic design.

Park Central Lobby & Mezzanine will undergo renovation, including the restrooms, relocation of the lobby bar, removal of the current soffit and a complete replacement and upgrade of the Air Conditioning and HVAC units.

The Heathcote Terraces and Pool Deck at 626 Ocean Drive will be renovated with new terraces, planters, ramps, a refreshed pool deck, gym and meeting room for guests. Additionally, 8 guest rooms will also undergo renovations, including reconfiguration of bathroom layouts.

Lastly, the Imperial Guest Rooms at 650 Ocean Drive will also undergo renovations, including the replacement of plumbing fixtures, newly finished floors and repainting of walls and doors for a refreshed aesthetic that still honors the original design. Restrooms will be altered to be American Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant, while finishes and doors will be replaced.

Lynx Construction Management is poised to become one of the fastest growing construction companies in South Florida by exponentially growing the firm’s annual revenue through the addition of several high-impact construction projects to its portfolio in 2015. Key new projects call for new construction and renovation of properties that will bridge Miami-Dade county’s past with the future. Lynx Construction Management first emerged seven years ago, quickly becoming a significant force in the construction industry by growing its portfolio to account for construction projects in excess of $100 million USD.

“We’re a Miami-based corporation with a national footprint, and feel a particularly deep commitment to South Florida,” stated Christopher M. Moran, President of Lynx Construction Management. “Art deco is a core aspect of Miami’s history and architectural identity, so we’re honored to be commissioned by Park Central to preserve, renovate and expand the historic hotel’s 4-properties into the first hotel concept of its kind on Miami Beach.”

“The Park Central Hotel project is an ideal embodiment of The Lynx Companies’ vision of continually innovating the details for our customers’ properties,” stated Wasim J. Shomar, CEO and Chairman of The Lynx Companies. “This is not only a detailed architectural and design renovation and expansion to provide a better guest experience – it’s an opportunity to honor the role that art deco has played in Miami’s past – and will continue to play in its future – by preserving its identity.”

About Lynx Construction Management

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