Kenneth-Cartwright-2671661*220Borinquen Medical Centers of Miami-Dade provides health and social services through its comprehensive primary healthcare, dental, and behavioral health centers throughout Miami-Dade County. Borinquen serves South Florida’s culturally diverse communities as a non-profit, federally funded health care center.

In January 2014, Lynx Construction Management, a Coral Gables, Florida based company, began the monumental task of renovating Borinquen’s Miami Medical Center. This complete overhaul of this older building’s infrastructure will be performed while the medical center continues day to day operations.

The roof, all floors, walls, windows, doors, medical prep stations, dentistry work stations, and patient exam rooms will be replaced. Reception areas will be updated and every interior and exterior enhancement will be made including lights and color schemes. All updates will be made to current building codes for safety, energy, accessibility and efficiency.

Coordinating this major construction project is the 6’3″, 50 year old, North Miami Beach native, Kenneth Cartwright. This North Miami Senior High School Graduate gained all of his construction experience on the job. He started off as a laborer on construction projects in the mid 1980’s and learned a great deal by working and learning from others. According to Mr. Cartwright, “Construction is all I know.”

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