Richard Chance is the new Chief Innovation Officer of the Lynx Companies which has four major divisions he now oversees: Healthcare, Real Estate & Construction, Financial Services and Technology & Telecommunication. He provides leadership across The Lynx Companies’ internal infrastructure and external output addressing the challenges of business operations. Chance explains that the secret to his success was no secret at all. With faith in Jesus, a loving family, and hard work he achieved The American Dream.

Richard Chance“My grandmother immigrated from Jamaica with five kids, and she worked hard for her children to provide a better opportunity” he recounts.  He remembers his grandmother being a seamstress and making all of the coolest clothes, so he had “the latest Michael Jackson jacket when it came out.” Chance’s mother was the first generation to graduate from college, but being a single parent raising two kids of her own was no easy task. 

However, one summer in his teens on a trip to Canada changed the course of his destiny. They stopped off in New York first to visit family where he spent some time with a cousin who would introduce an idea to revolutionize his life. “I met a cousin who was building a video game that was a mix between “Asteroids” and “Star Wars” where you had to type in your coordinates. I played my cousin’s game all summer, and it was at that point the first time I remember as a kid playing that you could develop as well as play.”

As a teenager, video gaming was a very significant part of Chance’s life that coached him into seeing the bigger picture of how computers would one day revolutionize the world. Chance’s youthful fascination with video games transformed into a growing command of computers in the young Digital Age. “In college I was a business major, but I was still fascinated by computers. Having those experiences, I wanted to combine the two which is why I decided on business and computers with MIS.” (Management Information Systems)

During college, the Gulf War broke out, and he saw this as a way to honor the country that gave him the opportunity to make something of his life. So upon receiving his Associate’s Degree, he enlisted in the Marine Corp so he would never regret having backed down from the call of duty.

Richard Chance was now a force and after returning and finishing college, he became what The Lynx Companies calls a “Serial Entrepreneur” co-founding eleven companies over the next twenty-five years. He shares, “being an entrepreneur is a mindset to look for opportunity and value. The best lessons learned in life are out of failures and having to go through bumps.”  Some of his accomplishments include interactive marketing at Norwegian Cruise Line, Chair at Palm Beach State College and Chair at Miami Dade College where he “provided IT governance and support for over 64,000 students annually.”

Today, Richard Chance is Chief Innovations Officer at The Lynx Companies. He will bring, “complementary synergy between business for builders of the community not just structures but giving people the opportunity to encourage their spirit of innovation. I bring a passion for the vision of The Lynx Companies and a healthy curiosity of how to make things better.”

The Lynx Company is an industry leader in asset acquisitions and management, construction and rehab, maintenance, property management, and various related services. “Lynx professionals are united by a common purpose – to enhance their client’s success and create sustainable built, natural and social environments.” The Lynx Companies is well known for real estate and construction but the company’s portfolio is expanding into more business ventures.

The Lynx Company projects include historical restorations on some of the most beautiful properties in Art Deco Miami Beach, hotels and restaurants and contributing to the class-A offices and commercial buildings that make up the world famous Miami skyline. Also, The Lynx Companies have constructed some of the majestic city parks and municipalities around the county that making Miami a one of a kind destination to travel and live.

The financial industry has become one of the most dominant sectors in the US economy. Growing with the times, The Lynx Companies offer services in merger and acquisition analysis, leveraged transactions, brokerage services, real estate financing and development, banking, insurance and mortgage services. While also, specializing in technology including software development, IT and telecommunication. The company is diversifying its holdings with an extension into the healthcare industry. The Lynx completed a renovation of Borinquen Medical Center resulting in a state-of-the-art medical facility for the health care center.

Chance has been awarded millions of dollars in grants and most recently for the development of cyber programs to include a state-of-the-art immersive cyber skills training facility. “The project is an education project that will accelerate the path to jobs and skills by providing training. We want to launch a boot camp training in cyber security and this lab accelerates that idea with a focus on security, coding and analysis.”

Chance affirms to “be genuine because people take notice and can sniff it out if you are not. When I was growing up, people built networks, and now I see the importance of people building relationships…I worked with the founder of The Lynx Companies for 14 years at Miami Dade College, and he saw me and remembered me for the position.”  So he urges that “in all your interactions, everything you do and say, your attitude, remember to put out excellence and it will be remembered.”

Richard Chance was born in New York to first generation Americans before moving to Miami. And his life was not comfortable going through his share of bumps and bruises along the way but not succumbing. He reminds us to appreciate life because it rushes by and to have a passion for your work. He attributes this to his moral compass, which was impressed upon him by his mother and grandmother, rooted in faith and has guided him throughout life.