1-25 employees: finalists

Lynx Construction Management

45 Almeria Ave., Coral Gables 33134

(305) 523-3656

To President Christopher Moran and the team at Lynx Construction Management, success as a business of the year comes from a mission of mastering the art of detail in its clients’ businesses. It’s about the pursuit of excellence, requiring keen business sense and insight to assess the broader context; determination to identify a desired objective and diagnose the best course of action; and strength, speed and agility to execute that action.

Lastly, the mission helps set one apart to carry it through with elegance.

In short, success comes through innovation, or developing a system for micro-innovations that continuously improve upon a product or service.

“Chances are, if a company is consistently innovating, it will reflect in its financial performance,” Moran says.

During 2014, Lynx innovated its management model through corporate enhancement techniques designed to sustain and strengthen employee performance and recruitment.

The company also deepened its technology standards by developing a proprietary in-house cost-control system and software program, with predictive algorithms for cost schedules and workloads. The result was more efficient employees who better diagnose and address client needs – and contribute to a return on investment evident in the firm’s exponential growth, with 2014 sales up 161 percent, year-over-year, and net income up 85.9 percent.

Lynx’s portfolio of civic projects includes construction of the new Miami-Dade County Animal Services Shelter, the renovation of Sunny Isles Beach’s City Hall, and the enhancement of Pelican Community Park and Heritage Park.

“Lynx Construction Management fosters a culture of excellence by empowering employees to lead in innovating the details of our clients’ business,” Chairman and CEO Wasim J. Shomar says. “This begins by making executive management accountable for empowering client-serving employees with the tools, skills and support to excel in the details of serving client business. Empowering our employees facilitates their long-term growth, satisfaction and retention.”